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Woody's Clone
Airdate:  April 10, 2012
Series:  WWP Movie
Views:  1,189
Upload No.:  36
Length:  21:21

Woody's Clone is the first episode of Season 2 in WWP Movies by WarioWareProductions.



  • Thug
  • Other Citizens


  • TV Studio
  • Street
  • Proffessor E.Gadd's Lab
  • Award Ceremony
  • Dungeon


Woody (from Toy Story) is currently filming for a TV Show, were he answers questions and does crazy things. He eventuallu runs into Proffessor E.Gadd on the streets, and he takes him to his lab. Woodt eventually gets cloned, but since a power outage happened, his clone only has half a brain. Woody then bumps into Monkey, and takes him to the Noble prize ceremony for stealing his hat. Proffessor E.Gadd wins the Noble Prize for a cloning defice, and during his speech a racist cereal killer comes and starts shooting everyone. E.Gadd escapes the shootout without being harmed, and Woody again finds his hat, only to be crushed by a tower. Monkey gets depressed since Woody's death, and then finds Woody's Clone out by himself. After that Monkey gets kidnapped by Sam the Crazy Racist Guy (who started the shootout) and is thrown into a dungeon full of Black characters. After Sam is about to kill Monkey, Woody turns out to be alive and kicks sam out the window, only to be shot by his own gun. Woody again finds his hat and with the other characters he sings in joy for his hat. (and boot.)


  • A deleted scene in this episode shows Sam arriving at the ceremony.
  • The song Woody sings is a parody of How I Met your Mother episode, Ladies vs. Suits.
  • This is the most viewed video of WWP.