Waluigi's Mountain Dew
Airdate:  June 11, 2012
Series:  Wario 'N' Waluigi
Views:  201
Upload No.:  37
Length: 4:30

Waluigi's Mountain Dew is the second episode of season one in Wario 'N' Waluigi. 




  • Van
  • Gas Station


While on a trip, Waluigi gets really thirsty for Mountain Dew. So he and Wario go to a gas station. After accidently blowing up the gas station, he hurrily drives away. He soon finds out that Wario was in the gas station when it blew up, and gets worried. Wario's ghost starts to haunt Waluigi, but he finally gets to drink his Mountain Dew, so he doesn't worry, as he drives away on a highway.


  • Mario was in a deleted scene, where he tried to steal Waluigi's Mountain Dew.
  • Filming took place on February 25, 2012.

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