The Laundry Mountain
Airdate:  September 1, 2012
Series:  Wario 'N' Waluigi
Views:  90
Upload No.:  43
Length:  7:14

The Laundry Moutain is an episode of the Wario 'N' Waluigi series.



  • Fluffy (cameo)
  • Sam (cameo)


  • Blue Cage


As Wario and Waluigi start to argue again, they both find out that the mountain is a great place to hide from eachother. So Wario and Waluigi battle at the mountain to see who will surrender first. But apperently, Bowser is hiding out at the mountain also, and plans to use them for his experiment.


  • This episode is praised with it's great writing, and is probably the best episode of WNW, said by viewers.

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