The Fart Curse
Airdate:  September 28, 2012
Series:  Wario 'N' Waluigi
Views:  1,015
Upload No.:  44
Length: 7:30

The Fart Curse is an episode of Wario 'N' Waluigi.



  • People in bar


  • Airport
  • Bar


Wario tells Waluigi the story of the Fart Curse when Waluigi tries to hold one in in public, and gets scared. He starts to get paranoid, and eventually gets pissed off at Wario. After a while, Waluigi is accidently hit in the stomach by Hammer Bro, and explodes from the held in farts.


  • This is the most viewed WNW Episode. Making it the 4th video to reach over a thousand views.

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