Airdate:  August 10, 2012
Series:  Wario 'N' Waluigi
Views:  700
Upload No.:  41
Length: 4:14

Babies! is the season finale of season 1 in Wario 'N' Waluigi.




  • Giant Crib


Bored as usual, Wario and Waluigi start roaming around, Eventually, they find a giant crib, with real babies in there. They see that the Babies, and realize that the babies are there younger selves. They start raising the babies, when they come across Bowser, and his kid. They get away, and see that Mario started to feed the babies. They get bored again  and walk away. Before they both can get to there house, Wario poops his pants.


  • This is the first WNW episode with Mario in it.
  • This was filmed March 7, 2012.

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