The Search
Airdate:  March 22, 2013
Series:  The Dumbest Movies You will ever See
Views:  20
Upload No.:  61
Length: 8:16

The Search is the second episode of season 3 of TDMYWES.




  • Mario's House
  • Hospital
  • Secret Area
  • Mario's Apartment (From season 1) (Only in flashback)


When Mario realizes that the killer of his landlord was Teleporting Frog, he contacts Wario, only to have Wario killed by Teleporting Frog in a deadly car accident. After getting the news that Wario and DK were killed by Teleporting Frog, he sets up an army to try and hunt him down. Though, Mario can't find the last person he needs for his army. When he tries to find him, he encounters an old friend; Yoshi.


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