TDMYWES-S3-1 0001
The Return
Airdate:  March 15, 2013
Series:  The Dumbest Movies You will ever See
Views:  35
Upload No.:  60
Length: 9:55

The Return is the first episode os TDMYWES Season 3.



  • Landlord
  • Bill the News Reporter


  • Parking Lot


Season 3 starts out where Season 2 left off; Having the Landlord falling down the electricity shaft. The Landlord runs into Teleporting Frog, and is killed. Mario then finds out that their Landlord was killed, and has a strange feeling about it. He starts to think it is one of his old enemies, but fails to come up with one. When an Earthquake hits Mario and Luigi's house, they become very suspicious. Luigi finds Gator from Season 1 and sees if he knows who it is. Wario and DK find out about the strange death, and the earthquake, and find out who it is. 


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