the Last WWP Short?
Airdate:   December 23, 2013
Series:   WWP Short
Views:   10
Upload No.:  82
Length:  4:55

The Last WWP Short? is the finale of WWP Shorts, and is the last episode of 2013.




  • The Party


Mario is watching TV when he finds out that WarioWareProductions is ending in June 2014. He panics, and tries to convince Andy the Creator to not end the show. Meanwhile, Luigi hosts a "WWP Short going away party", and shows everyone a tribute to the mini-series. Mario finally finds a way to convince Andy not to end WWP, but understands that things need to end. He later finds out that he had been gone for 3 days, and missed Christmas. In the post credits scene, Waluigi finds out that he wasn't invited to the going away party.


  • This is the series finale.