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THE END (Part 2)
Airdate: June 24, 2013
Series:  The Dumbest Movies You will ever See
Views: 7
Upload No.:  65
Length: 20:40

THE END (Part 1) is the series finale of TDMYWES





Monkey's Army finally starts battle with Teleporting Frog's Army, but after both armies start to die out, a 1-up mushroom is casted only on Frog's army, making them more powerful. Mario returns to battle Teleporting Frog, and when Frog almost got his victory, he was shot by Bowser. Frog, who was still alive interrupts Mario and Bowser's battle and shoots Bowser, as he falls down a pit. Mario then gets the idea to go back into the electricity shaft, and reverse the whole ressurection. Mario then stands victorious over a fried Teleporting Frog, as all the people of the world who were green, turn back to normal. Monkey and Waluigi rejoice, and find out that Wario, DK, and Toad, were ressurected by the 1-up mushroom casted earlier. Mario and Peach get back together, and Luigi suggests going to get some pasta, they all laugh as the picture fades away.


  • This is the last episode of The Dumbest Movies You will ever See...

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