Monkey Kills Himself
Airdate:  June 24, 2011
Series:  WWP Short
Views:  350
Upload No.:  13
Length: 1:25

Monkey Kills Himself is an episode of WWP Shorts.



  • Tiger (debut and alternate scene only)


  • Big house


When Monkey finds out the his series didn't get picked, he jumps off a 2-stories building. Still alive, Mr. Krabs comes and laughs; causing him to fall. Mr. Krabs' claw punctures Monkey in the chest, killing him.

Note: this storyline led to the episode BIG Secrets (Part 2)


  • In a alternate ending, Tiger sees Monkey, and is hit with a shoe, thinking it was on purpose, Tiger arrests Monkey. This was taken out during the filming of the episode.

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