Mario and Luigi... Storm Chaser?
Airdate:  July 4, 2014
Series:  Other
Views:  10
Upload No.:  86
Length:  3:47

Mario and Luigi... Storm Chaser? is an episode of WWP 





Mario starts a "storm chasers" blog when he finds out a big storm is coming. Just as Mario and Luigi are about to begin storm chasing, Luigi is blown away by the powerful winds. Mario then gets artillery to tackle the storm that sucked up Luigi. When Mario gets to an empty field, the storm turns into a tornado. Mario then confronts Bowser, who is scared of the tornado and pees his pants. Mario finally sees Luigi in the huge tornado, he quits and goes home.


  • This is the most viewed WarioWareProductions video on Youtube, with over 60,000 views!
  • This is the fourth year to have a "storm" episode in July. First was 4th of July!, Second was 4th of July 2, third was The Storm, and this is the fourth one.