Mario & Yoshi 3
Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom: Episode 3
Airdate:  September 24, 2013
Series:  Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom
Views:  18
Upload No.:  78
Length: 7:09

This is the 3rd episode of the series Mario & Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom.





Yoshi's plan to get 1-Ups sets out as he starts to wander in the hills of Deser Land. Mario follows Yoshi, and causes both of them to get stranded in the desert. Eventually they both start to hallucinate, and loose all of there coins. Yoshi then finds out that it was Ocean Land that he was supposed to get the 1-Ups, and remembers that there was a 1-Up behind them the entire time. Causing them to try to make there way back home.



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