Bowser's Realization
Airdate:   November 22, 2013
Series:   WWP Short
Views:   10
Upload No.:  73
Length:  3:05

Bowser's Realization is a WWP Short.




  • Bowser's Room


Taking straight after the events of Mario and Yoshi in the Mushroom Kingdom Episode 4, Bowser meets and falls in love with a cat, but the cat turns him down. Depressed more than ever, Bowser tries to kill himself by jumping on a knive, and the evil is rushed out of him. He then feels no anger and remembers that Homer Simpson tought him to be loving. Slipping into a brief choma, Bowser remembers why Homer told him that; when Bowser was a kid, his father Boswer was very abusive to him. Bowser wakes and is suddenly not affected by the stabbing of the knive, but slips and breaks his neck.


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