BIG Secrets (Part 1)
Airdate:  March 9, 2012
Series:  The Dumbest Movies You will ever See
Views:  38
Upload No.:  -
Length: 5:46

BIG Secrets (Part 1) is the first half of the season 2 finale of TDMYWES





Monkey tells Luigi how he survived his suicide attempt, and then both run into Wario and DK (as Bowser's Army). Monkey gets caught and Luigi finds his way to Bowser. Luigi confronts Bowser, only to have him call all of his robots. Luigi gets tied up by Mario, and reveals himself to be Fred Flintstone. Monkey apparently escapes the minions of Bowser, and tries to rescue Luigi. Only to have them both captured.


  • Parts of this episode were filmed in July 2011, as a part of the trailer for Season 2.

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