4th of July 2!
Airdate:  July 12, 2012
Series:  WWP Movie
Views: 54
Upload No.:  43
Length:  9:54

4th of July 2! is the second 4th of July Special by WarioWareProductions.




  • Mario's House
  • Park
  • Firework station


Mario and Luigi plan a fireworks show for everyone at the park, but it starts to rain again like the year before. Mario and Luigi suspect it's Bowser, even though it wasn't him this time. Bowser sees the rain, and comes up with a more strict plan. At the fireworks show, Bowser sets fire to all of Mario, Luigi, and Wario's firecrackers, and ties them up to a rocket and launches them off. BB Bill (who works for the fireworks station) starts the show, and accidently shoots him self into Mario, Luigi, and Wario causing a huge explosion. Bowser shoots all the firecrackers to make them explode in the sky all at one time. To his dismay, everyone still enjoy the show. Mario and Luigi then cry about the fact that the previous 4th of July was better.


  • This episode had technical difficulties, which made it premiere a week late.
  • A running gag in this episode is that Luigi keeps on switch from "Normal Luigi", to "New Luigi".